Sweden Calling DXers in the 1970's

Many thanks to Mike Terry and Jerry Berg for this run of vintage SCDX bulletins

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DX Memories - Radio History

FEBA Seychelles

Libya on MW & SW


Articles written by Alan Hardy for the British DX Club

The following originally appeared in BDXC's Communication magazine 

(Alan was a good friend who sadly passed away in November 1999. These well researched articles appear here in his memory)

Broadcasting in the Philippines (November 1991)

Brazilian Childhood: Listening Memories (February 1992)

The Early Days of the BBC (May 1992)

A Brief History of Vietnamese Broadcasting (July 1992)

Notes on Early TV (August 1997)

More articles written by Alan will be added in the near future 


Articles written by Tony Rogers for the British DX Club

The following originally appeared in BDXC's Communication magazine

Radio Martí (June 1985)

Listening in Greece (September 1988)

Reunification of Germany (October 1990)

Luxembourg kills off 208 (December 1991)

Broadcasting in Chad (June 1992)

Broadcasting in Somalia (February/March 1993)

Spotlight on Bosnia and Herzegovina (September 1993)

Focus on Albania - The Pyramid Affair (April 1997)

Singapore on Shortwave (October 2005)

Indian Sub-Continent on the Tropical Bands (February 2005)

Ten Years of Radio Free Asia (September 2006)

All India Radio on the Tropical Bands (November 2006)

Broadcasting in Sierra Leone (June 2007)

Listening On - A Tribute to Sheila Hughes (October 2007)

Radio Centrafrique on Shortwave (August 2010)

The Moyabi Story (February 2017)

The 1982 Falklands War (April 2022 - BDXC Website only)

More articles written by Tony will be added in the near future