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Updated: 1 March 2024

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ALGERIA  It would appear that Ifrikya FM is now heard 24/7 with its own programming, subject to confirmation. The five hour period between 1800-2300 UTC that had previously been filled with a relay of Radio Algérienne's "Radio Coran" service seems to have been replaced with Ifrikya FM produced content instead. (Tony Rogers, 1 March 2024)

FINLAND  RealMix Radio, a new shortwave radio station starts test broadcasts: RealMix Radio, a shortwave radio station operating in Raasepori, has received a short-term radio license for the frequency 6185 kHz from the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency, Traficom. RealMix Radio plans to have test broadcasts over the weekend 2/3 March 2024 at 15 watts. The radio permit is valid on weekends for the next three months. Radio enthusiast Joakim Weckström is behind the new radio station. In Finland, only Scandinavian Weekend Radio has broadcast on shortwave frequencies in recent years, which has been operating in Virroi for over 20 years. Yleisradio stopped shortwave broadcasts aimed abroad in 2006. (Mediamonitori, 29 February 2024:

SWITZERLAND: C.M. OBRECHT  Swiss-based musician Claudius Obrecht will have a shortwave broadcast to South-East Asia (also likely to be heard in southern Central Asia, most of India, Australia and Türkiye) on Saturday 2 March 2024 at 1300-1400 on 21600 kHz (AM) from Nauen, Germany, at 86° with 125 kW. This is a repeat of the programme that was aired live on Channel 292 on 21 February 2024 and features music from Juno Reactor, Tchaikovsky, Sa Dingding, D-Block & S-te-fan and C.M. Obrecht himself. (

HFCC A24 DATA  Transmission and Programme schedules by Broadcasters and Frequency Management Organisations (FMOs) for A24 are expected to be available from around 17 March 2024. The A24 season covers the period from 31 March to 26 October 2024. The HFCC page to check is:


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