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This is an on-going compilation of news and reports for May 2024 to support the various DX Guides.

News and reports from the past (with some additional content) are archived in editions of the DX Guides Newsletter.

Updated: 22 May 2024

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Shortwave news

ALGERIA  Ifrikya FM was observed on 15160 kHz on 1 May 2024 leaving the air at 0947, whereas it had previously been noted going off at just before 1100 and remaining off until just before 1800. A further check on 18 May noted them abruptly going off at 1015 and on 19 May at 1005. This is the Ouargla transmitter that is registered with HFCC for 0600-1900 but usually takes a break daily between 1100v-1800v for some reason, whereas the Béchar transmitter is on air continuously during the daytime between its registered times of 0600-2200 on 17600 kHz. Other times and frequencies for Ifrikya FM can be found in Africa on Shortwave. (Tony Rogers, England)this entry will be revised based on further monitoring.

ANTARCTICA  Horacio Nigro posted the following message to the DXplorer IOG from Adrian Korol of LRA36: "Good news for radio enthusiasts. LRA36 Arcangel San Gabriel National Radio now has 4 weekly shortwave broadcasts from Joint Antarctic Base Esperanza. Tuesday 1300 to 1500 UTC, Thursday 1800 to 2000 UTC, Friday 1200 to 1500 UTC, Saturday 1800 to 2100 UTC. Frequency: 15476 kHz (USB). We are grateful for the dissemination of this information among colleagues, publications and groups dedicated to shortwave listening, DXing and amateur radio. 73 & DX, Adrian Korol, Argentina" (via Horacio Nigro, Uruguay, translated from Castillian, to DXplorer IOG, 17 May 2024)

BULGARIA  Space Line DRM. From the Space Line website ( Space Line Ltd is participating in the Digital Radio Mondiale broadcasting standard practical developments since the very beginning. We are: The first to introduce the DRM standard in Bulgaria; The first to modify old type SW broadcast transmitter for successful commercial operation on DRM from Bulgaria in our transmission facility Kostinbrod; The first  to operate DRM broadcasting service from Bulgaria for Bulgarian National Radio and WRN; Over 14 broadcasting transmitters modified to DRM since then at our transmitter site and internationally; The first to open common DRM platform for international broadcasters, for saving operational costs and increase of audience reach. DRM Consortium associate member and strong supporter of all Digital Radio related activities.

BBC DRM via Space Line: Tony Pavick posted the following to the World of Radio IOG: "This was posted over on Twitter from DRM Digital Radio: Bulgaria-based new DRM member Space Line will carry BBC content aimed at UAE on May 19th on 18950 kHz from 1200-1300 UTC followed by one hour demo content from 1305-1405 UTC. The  DRM Digital Radio  General Assembly is being held on May 19-20 in Dubai. Might be interesting for those closer to the target to catch this because not only is it DRM but also in the seldom used 15 metre band". (Tony Pavick, Hope BC, Canada, WOR IOG, 19 May 2024)

CHINA  CGTN Radio in English is currently heard on 9800 kHz between 1300-1400 UTC, a frequency not showing in the latest HFCC registrations. It is in parallel with registered 9500, 9730, 9765, 9870, 11760, 11910, 11980, 13670, 13755 and 15590 kHz during this hour. CRI Urdu follows at 1400 on 9800 kHz, which is registered. (Tony Rogers, England, 15 May 2024)

FINLAND  A new shortwave station broadcasting from Asikkala, Finland, is planning for a launch on Saturday 1 June 2024. The name of the station is Radio PikoTest transmissions are due late May. Frequencies are 3990, 5980, and 9770 kHz - and the station will be active Saturdays and Sundays until 15 August. Power is 10 Watts, and the format will be big band music. According to the webpage - at   - it is described as an "infamous Triple L low power, low antenna, low budget operation". (Stig Hartvig Nielsen via Hard-Core-DX 15 May 2024)

INTERNATIONAL RADIO FOR DISASTER RELIEF (IRDR)  Humanitarian Aspects of HFCC Activities: From its infancy since 1920s shortwave radio has been associated with its potential of being a communication tool in emergencies. This use of shortwave radio is still very much present among amateur radio enthusiasts for example, who discovered its long distance properties early in the twentieth century. Amateur radio provides a means of communication on shortwaves and other frequencies "when all else fails". This role of amateur radio is well recognised, valued and appreciated both by the public and by the world institutions managing and regulating the use of the radio spectrum. In contrast the huge technical potential of international shortwave broadcasting that operates transmitter facilities tens, or hundred times, more powerful than those of amateur radio, remains almost unused in emergencies. At the moment when local and even regional communication and information networks are needed most, they are destroyed or overloaded and the population suffers from an information blackout. Shortwave radio is capable of remaining the only source of information. Although the life-saving role of radio broadcasting is widely recognised by the public, and confirmed by surveys conducted after the recent disasters - and even acknowledged by world leaders - no concrete projects have been ever designed and no regulatory framework has been developed. That is why the HFCC - International Broadcasting Delivery in co-operation with the Arab States and Asia-Pacific broadcasting unions are working on an International Radio for Disaster Relief (IRDR) project that is based on the system of online co-ordination of frequencies managed by the HFCC in accordance with International Radio Regulations. Frequencies reserved for IRDR for A24: 5910, 7400, 9430, 11840, 13620, 15650, 17500, 18950, 21840 and 26010 kHz (the channels adjacent to the frequencies selected for the IRDR project, at +/- 5 kHz, are part of the project too: their complete availability, free of services, is a mandatory conditions to guarantee the global reception of IRDR frequencies free from interference).  (information as per HFCC)

The most recent use of IRDR frequencies have been for short-term broadcasts on behalf of Agricultural Voices Syria at 0300-0330 UTC (weekdays) from Dhabayya utilising IRDR frequency 11840 kHz from 24 April 2023 (and later on 11830 kHz) for special programming educating farmers on how to grow and manage crops within the disaster zone and Democratic Voice of Burma (DVOB) 1230-1300 UTC (daily) from Dhabayya utilising IRDR frequency 21840 kHz from 29 May 2023 for special programming to Myanmar in response to cyclone destruction. Both of these broadcasts were arranged by Encompass Digital Media Ltd. There appears to have been nothing on air since.

JAPAN / KOREA (NORTH)  Shiokaze introduced new frequencies on 16 May 2024. The new schedule is: 1300-1400 on 5920 and 5965 kHz, 1405-1435 on 6090 and 7325 kHz, 1600-1700 on 5935 and 6165 kHz and 1705-1805 on 5980 and 6070 kHz. Shiokaze (Sea Breeze) broadcasts to North Korea and is operated by the independent investigating organisation "Investigation Commission on Missing Japanese Probably Related to North Korea", regarding persons believed to have been abducted by North Korea prior to 1983. All broadcasts are from Yamata in Japan (300 kW). They usually have an English programme at 1300-1400 and 1600-1700 on Wednesdays (otherwise in Korean and Japanese). (new frequencies as per Hiroshi's blog at

KOREA (SOUTH)  KBS World Radio has announced that from 1 June 2024, their broadcast at 2000-2100 in French to Africa will move from 5950 kHz via Issoudun to 9765 kHz from Ascension Island. Tests will be conducted on 20 and 21 May 2024.

KUWAIT  Observations regarding Radio Kuwait: The Persian service continues to be regularly heard at its usual time of 0800-1000 on the offset 7249.85 kHz. Observations during the first three weeks of May 2024 suggest that the relay of RK Urdu on 15540 kHz is currently switched off at around 1700 UTC (may be a few minutes before or after) regardless of whatever is broadcast. There appears to be an announcement about broadcast frequencies and areas of broadcast leading up to 1700. However, no mention of closedown is given at this time, as well as no playing of anthem - there is a news bulletin at 1700 UTC which is cut off either immediately or after a little while. And this broadcast is occasionally absent. During the same period I have not observed relay of Easy FM during evening hours on 15540 kHz. (Rihards Millers, Latvia)

SAUDI ARABIA / YEMEN  Republic of Yemen Radio, the pro-Hadi station that is believed to broadcast from Saudi Arabia, continues to be heard on 11935 kHz. The hours of operation  on shortwave are unconfirmed, it is presumed to be 24 hours a day but has been noted off-air on occasions for whatever reason. Recently the audio on 11935 kHz has mostly been accompanied by a continuous buzzing-type sound, however there have been times when reception has been noise-free. The source of the noise is unclear, it could be either a transmitter fault or deliberate interference from Iran, who support the opposing Houthi movement in Yemen. (Tony Rogers using online KiwiSDR's); this entry will be revised based on further monitoring.

TURKEY  Voice of Turkey in Turkish is scheduled for A24 as per HFCC registrations follows: 0400-0600 on 6040 kHz to Middle East and 9770 kHz to Europe, 0600-1300 on 13635 kHz to Europe, 1300-1600 on 17815 kHz to Europe, 1600-2100 on 9460 kHz to Europe, 1830-2100 on 5960 kHz to Middle East and 0000-0200 on 7360 kHz to Central Asia. The live stream can be heard at (click on "Türkiye'nin Sesi Radyosu"). The online schedule indicates the following (with times converted to UTC): National Anthem and opening announcement at 0355 and Transition Music (shortwave frequency change) at 0555, 1255, 1555, 2055, 2355 and 0155. A daily programme guide can be found on the right hand side of the web page. (Tony Rogers)

USA  WRMI - Radio Miami International: Rihards Millers has continued to monitor WRN relays over WRMI whenever possible. Rihards reports that the RTÉ relay via WRN is heard 0930-1000 UTC, preceded by Supreme Master TV. However, at least once (Monday 29 April 2024) in place of this WRN relay a music filler was heard during that half hour.

The WRN relay heard on 15770 kHz at 1100-1145 is heard usually on Tuesdays. Mondays at this time have "Mundo se prendente" and most Wednesdays have had music filler during this time slot. Rihards is sure that this music filler originates at WRMI, as there is no introduction to this block. But Wednesday 8 May 2024 once again had a relay of WRN at this time (with NHK and RSI heard). (Rihards Millers, Latvia)

The DX Guides version of the WRMI schedule has been updated. As well as times and frequencies, it includes a  compilation of programmes for each transmitter that are believed to be currently on air. It is based on the latest official WRMI schedule and has been updated with monitoring observations. My thanks to Rihards Millers and Alex Miatlikov for their continued help during A24 with this guide.

Radio Sawa's stream for Sudan continues to be heard at 1600-1657 UTC on 15445 kHz in Arabic, opening with a 5 minute news bulletin, followed by documentaries seemingly produced by sister TV service Alhurra. I have still not heard any references to "Radio Sawa", only "Alhurra", although the daily content matches the Radio Sawa-Sudan online stream rather than Alhurra. The HFCC registration for 15445 kHz is Kuwait and the language is Arabic rather than the stated "Cmn" (Chinese). (Tony Rogers using online KiwiSDR's)

VIETNAM  The Vietnamese siren-jammer was heard again on 12 and 13 May 2024 whilst doing some checks using the online KiwiSDR in Hanoi, Vietnam. First noted at tune-in 1215 UTC on 9795 kHz, co-channel with KNLS Alaska. The jammer was over-running having presumably been in place for the FEBC Philippines broadcast in Vietnamese at 1100-1200. It seemed to be intermittent after 1200 and fell silent before 1230 and was then noted on 9670 kHz from 1230 for the Radio ĐLSN broadcast from Taiwan at 1230-1300, although the jammer was generally drowned out by strong reception from its intended targets. Further investigation needed (Tony Rogers)

Shortwave programmes

C. M. OBRECHT SHORTWAVE RADIO  Claudius Obrecht is a Swiss musician whose programmes can be heard on shortwave. From "I'm broadcasting on shortwave (or MW), on different frequencies. There are programs approx. all 1-2 months transmitted from different broadcasters to the whole world (containing my mixed music program as well as programs containing my own music only, alternating) and also a monthly mixed-music program featuring a wide range of music styles transmitted to Europe via Channel 292 (see for schedules). For the other broadcasts are announcements in my social media accounts and the table below (the table lists forthcoming programmes-TR). I transmit with Encompass (Woofferton), Media Broadcast, ORS Moosbrunn (under channel292), WRMI Miami and  medium wave over Radio Baltic Waves International. "C. M. Obrecht shortwave radio" is an official registered swiss private radio station and SUISA licensed". There is a programme of "mixed music" in planning for 1 June 2024 around 1700 UTC from Woofferton in DRM for India.

ENCORE - RADIO TUMBRIL  Brice Avery announces that the next broadcast of his Encore programme will be on Friday 17 May 2024 by WRMI at 0200 UTC on 5850, (and 2000 UTC on 15770) and then Channel 292 on Saturday 18th May at 1000 UTC on 9670 kHz. It begins with some of a sonata by C P E Bach - one of J S Bach's sons - for Viola da Gamba, the piano trio by Ravel, and a three voice Agnus Dei by Firminus Caron - Renaissance composer. After that the Elegy for Horn and Piano written by Poulenc and dedicated to the horn player's horn player - Dennis Brain, and some of Mozart's concerto for flute and harp. The programme finishes with part of a late Beethoven string quartet. The regular broadcast times of Encore by WRMI and Channel 292 are: Friday 0200-0300 on 5850 kHz over WRMI to US and 2000-2100 on 15770 kHz over WRMI to Europe, Saturday 1000-1100 on 9670 kHz over Channel 292 to Europe, Sunday 0100-0200 on 5850 kHz over WRMI to US and Canada and 1900-2000 on 3955 kHz over Channel 292 to Europe, Monday 0200-0300 on 5950 kHz over WRMI to the US and Canada and Tuesday 1300-1400 on 15770 kHz over WRMI to Europe, east coast of US and Iceland. More information about Encore can be found at

POP SHOP RADIO  From "Pop Shop Radio goes around the world to bring you great stuff from all over. We play a whole variety of pop music, such as records from the 1960s and 1970s that were played on Top-40 radio stations not only in North America but also on offshore radio and stations like Radio Luxembourg. To make it fun, we also include stuff that didn't make the Top 10 and even reach back into the 1930s to the 1950s to dig up great sounds at 45 and 78 RPM. We like to show that music doesn't have to be in English to be great. Stopping off in places like Sweden, Finland, the Czech and Slovak Republics, Germany, France, Brazil, South Africa, Singapore, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand we find cool records for you to groove to! We mix it all in the style of Top-40 radio of the 1960s and 1970s with jingles and real records played by a real DJ. We are everything that the boring FM corporate stations that have no personality and say they play the best variety are not. Last, but not least, Pop Shop Radio is made in the town of Hope in (super, natural) British Columbia in Canada. Check out our menu to find out how and when to listen to us on shortwave, an archive of our past shows, a map of where our listeners live and our newsletter. We are Canada's international voice to the world".

Pop Shop Radio had a special broadcast on 18 May 2024. Prior to this, Tony Pavick of PSR announced: "We will be doing another of our periodic 250 kilowatt transmissions from Woofferton on 18 May at 0300 UT. Frequency will be 11990 kHz and directed to North America. It will be an all 50s show and different from the show airing on Channel 292, SW Gold and WRMI that week. More details over time". (Tony Pavick, Pop Shop Radio, Hope BC Canada); in the NASWA Flashsheet Tony commented that on this occasion reception was noisy and only fair at best in BC.

TEXAS RADIO SHORTWAVE  Texas Radio Shortwave produces music and topical programming, usually featuring Texas artists. A programme guide has been issued by Terry Colgan of TRSW for the remainder of 2024. All programmes are currently scheduled on Channel 292 in Germany which broadcasts on 3955, 6070 and 9670 kHz. More details about TRSW can be found on their Facebook page.

Mediumwave news

EGYPT  Voice of the Arabs at 621 kHz appears to be on air usually between 0700 and 1100 UTC (corresponding to 1000-1400 Cairo time), but on occasions it has been heard as late as 1230 UTC. Egypt now observes Daylight Saving Time so the times are one hour earlier than previously reported. (Rihards Millers with observations using TWR Cyprus KiwiSDR)

TURKEY  TRT Radyo 1 on 630 kHz appears to be on air currently between 0700 and 1300 UTC. (Rihards Millers with observations using TWR Cyprus KiwiSDR)