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28 September 2023

All times mentioned are UTC


BANGLADESH  Bangladesh Betar on 4750 kHz was monitored on 29 September 2023. There was nothing unusual noted and the schedule remains as follows: 1230-1300 in English, 1315-1345 in Nepali, 1515-1545 in Hindi, 1600-1630 in Arabic, 1630-1730 in Bengali, 1745-1900 in English and 1915-2000 in Bengali. The audio quality of all broadcasts was quite poor. Further details can be found in the current edition of Asia on Shortwave. (Tony Rogers using the Dimapur and Siliguri KiwiSDR's in India)

C.M. OBRECHT  The next special broadcast on shortwave from Claudius Obrecht will be a programme of his own music on Friday 29 September 2023 at 1600-1700 on 15425 kHz in DRM mode via Woofferton, UK (100 kW, 82° towards India). Further details at

ETHIOPIA (target broadcast)  The 1630-1700 Sunday-only Christian broadcast in presumed Amharic on 17815 kHz from what is thought to be "Ye'Afrika Rediyo Ageligiloti" (which may translate to "African Radio Service") continues to be heard (latest broadcast being on 24 September 2023). The opening announcement seems to make mention of "Bible Voice Broadcasting American Radio ...", but not sure now if this is connected to the Canada-based BVB or is a Christian organisation opposing the Ethiopian government. Heard Sundays since discovering the broadcast at the end of July 2023, but further monitoring/investigation is needed. (Tony Rogers)

Oromo National Media continues to be heard on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday in Oromo at 1500-1530, starting off on 15445 kHz but moving to 15425 kHz five minutes or so later, regardless of whether there is Ethiopian jamming or not. This transmission is brokered by IRRS via Galbeni, Romania, with the IRRS ID in English often heard just before the ONM programme begins at 1500. (Tony Rogers)

FRANCE  The 2023 Mini Transat Race began on Monday 25 September 2023 and TDF has once again registered frequencies for a daily transmission in connection with it. As of the HFCC update for 25 September, two registrations are showing as "MiniTrans" for 1500-1600 UTC: 6100 kHz (Issoudun, 250 kW, 225° to CIRAF zones 27SW and 37NW - but mistakenly showing as being registered for 22 July 2023 only) and 13735 kHz (Issoudun, 250 kW, 225° to CIRAF zones 27W, 36 and 37W - registered for the period 20 September-25 October 2023). Other shortwave frequencies may also be used and will be updated here as they are confirmed. (Tony Rogers)

Latest: On 26 and 27 September 2023, 6100 kHz was used at 1500-1600 with weather reports in French and English.

Background: This year's race departs Les Sables-d'Olonne, France. After a brief stop over in Santa Cruz, Canary Islands, the race proceeds across the Atlantic Ocean with a finish in Guadeloupe. As Wikipedia explains: Mini Transat is a solo transatlantic yacht race which typically starts in France and ends in the Caribbean. The race uses small 6.5 metres (21 ft) long yachts conforming to the Mini Transat 6.50 class rules which gives considering scope for development. More recently this has led to the formation of two divisions within the class: the production class that limits development and costs, and the prototype class which allows for more flexibility in dimensions and technology. A video recording of the start of the race can be viewed on the Offshore Social Club YouTube Channel and a race tracker can be found here.

JAPAN  Shiokaze, broadcasting to North Korea, changed its frequencies again on 14 September 2023. It is now: 1300-1400 on 5965 & 6040 kHz, 1405-1435 on 5935 & 7295 kHz, 1600-1700 on 5920 & 6070 kHz and 1705-1805 on 6090 & 7320 kHz. (Hiroshi's Blog)

KURDISTAN (target broadcast)  Dengê Gel (Voice of the People) has a new schedule according to their website. The station was previously called Dengê Welat. Translated from "Our radio, the Voice of the People, goes to the winter frequency. From September 15 onwards, our radio will broadcast on 2 frequencies. According to this, the new frequencies are as follows. Diyarbakır time from 06:30 to 19:00 on frequency 11.540 kHz. It is on the frequency of 7.460 kHz from 19:00 to 01:00". 

Converted to UTC this is 0330-1600 on 11540 kHz and 1600-2200 on 7460 kHz. Presumably these broadcasts are via Tashkent, Uzbekistan. However, as in the past, Dengê Gel is shadowed by a Turkish jammer playing music and speeches and is moving to frequencies adjacent/near to 11540 and 7460 kHz to avoid the interference. (Tony Rogers)

KUWAIT  Is Radio Kuwait still on shortwave? The answer is yes! So far, two transmissions have been heard in September 2023: 0800-1000 in Persian on 7250 kHz and the DRM broadcast at 0945-1330 in Arabic on 15110 kHz. Please see the Middle East on Shortwave guide under the entry for Kuwait for the latest observations and comments from Rihards Millers and Tony Rogers.

Radio Kuwait heard starting up on 7250 kHz on Sunday 24 September 2023 at 0755 with a programme in English in progress, pop song then closing announcement as "This is Radio Kuwait. It's now 11 a.m. in the State of Kuwait, 8 a.m. GMT. And it's time to close down our transmission. We shall be resuming our transmission this evening at 9 p.m. Kuwait local time, 1800 GMT, on 9-6-3 kHz on the mediumwave for our listeners in the State of Kuwait and the Arabian Gulf area. At the same time we shall also be resuming our transmission on 93.3 MHz on the FM band for our local listeners. We shall also be meeting our listeners in Europe and North America at 9 p.m. Kuwait local time, 1800 GMT, on 15-5-40 kHz  on 25 metre band (sic) on the shortwave. Our listeners in South and South East Asia, we shall meet tomorrow morning at 8 a.m. Kuwait local time, 5 a.m. GMT, on 11-9-70 kHz on 19 metre band (sic) on the shortwave". National Anthem, time pips (5+1) and start of Persian service at 0800. (Tony Rogers using the Izghawa KiwiSDR, Qatar, with thanks to Rihards Millers for clarifying some of the words in the announcement)

NORWAY  Radio Northern Europe International will have a special broadcast to Europe on Thursday 28 September 2023 at 1930-2000 on 3955 kHz from Woofferton, UK. (RNEI message posted on X)

SOLOMON ISLANDS  Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation on 5020 kHz continues to be heard on some days with an overnight broadcast between 1200 and 1900 consisting of back-to-back songs and no announcements. (Tony Rogers). An account of SIBC on shortwave can be found here

TWR ASIA  The Sunday-only 1600-1630 South Indian DRM broadcast from KTWR Guam will change to 13690 kHz effective 1 October 2023. (

KTWR is going to continue to broadcast the same DRM programme blocks for B23 that they are currently airing. However, there will be several frequency changes. The schedule for B23 effective 29 October 2023 will be: Saturday 1059-1129 on 12040 kHz to China in English; Saturday 1130-1230 on 9910 kHz to Japan in Japanese & English; Sunday 1500-1545 on 13690 kHz to India in English; Sunday 1600-1630 on 13690 kHz to India in South Indian languages; Monday 1215-1245 on 9910 kHz to China in Mandarin; Tuesday-Friday 1600-1630 on 13690 kHz to India in English. (

UNITED KINGDOM  BBC World Service DRM broadcast to Europe at 0500-0600 changed to 3955 kHz (Woofferton, 100 kW) on 9 September 2023. This replaces 5875. (Rihards Millers, Latvia)

VANUATU  Radio Vanuatu is currently using 3945 kHz from the start of its daily broadcast at 1830, later switching to 7260 kHz at 1958, before returning to 3945 kHz at 0658 until sign-off at 1100. (Tony Rogers). 

Radio Vanuatu usually starts its daily broadcast at around 1830 with 15 minutes of instrumental music before the National Anthem is played at 1845, followed by a tune accompanied by birdsong, and then the opening announcement and morning devotion. It recent days it has been noted that the same tune with birdsong has also been played after the National Anthem at sign-off at around 1100. Previously nothing was heard after the NA. As mentioned above, sign-on and sign-off is currently on 3945 kHz. (observation by Tony Rogers, 25 September 2023). 

Radio Vanuatu seems to be having transmitter problems again. Noted on 27 September 2023 in the hour leading up to its usual sign-off at 1100 UTC with a carrier but no audio on 3945 kHz. At 1845 UTC, the time of its usual sign-on, there was again a carrier on 3945 kHz but still no audio. And at 1959 UTC when it moved to 7260 kHz, the same, a carrier but no audio. (Tony Rogers using the Brisbane KiwiSDR, Australia); checked at 0730 on 28 September and Radio Vanuatu back to normal, now with audio.

An almost day-by-day account of Radio Vanuatu on shortwave can be found here.

VIETNAM  Voice of Vietnam 1, the main domestic service in Vietnamese, was noted on 11735 kHz closing at 1700 on 28 September 2023 // MW 675 kHz. It was later heard opening at 2153 with morning exercise music and instructions already in progress. (Tony Rogers using the Cha-Am KiwiSDR, Thailand and Hanoi KiwiSDR, Vietnam)


ARMENIA  Alex Miatlikov comments "A Russian DX hobbyist has recently visited the Noratus station and provided some useful info about the transmitters and antennas (Btw, he even prepared a special transmission from there on 6030 kHz at 1934-2004 UTC on September 8). The actual power on 1377 kHz is 500 kW, the transmitter used is Nautel. This is also reflected on their web page at According to him, the antenna system consisting of 6 masts 37 m high used for transmission on that frequency was assembled by German engineers in 2005. It seems that awesome quality of reception is attributed not only to the (relatively) new transmitter and its power, but also to the directed antenna. (Alex Miatlikov, Ukraine, 9 September 2023)

JAPAN / ARMENIA / TAJIKISTAN  NHK World Radio Japan has made some revisions to its schedule. Starting from 18 September 2023, its Farsi service is relayed on 1395 kHz (Noratus, Armenia) at 1800-1830. NHK relays via Tajikistan on 927 kHz have been cancelled, replaced by 1251 kHz (1630-1650 in Farsi and 1700-1720 in Urdu. Thanks to the members of the 'Radio reception' group in Telegram for the heads up. (Alex Miatlikov)

LITHUANIA / C.M. OBRECHT  There will be a special broadcast from Claudius Obrecht with a programme of his own music on Saturday 28 October 2023 at 1700-1730 on 1386 kHz via Radio Baltic Waves International. Further details at (Rihards Millers, Latvia)

UKRAINE  On 1 September 2023, after an eight-month break, Ukrainian Radio's 1st Channel resumed broadcasting on 1278 kHz (Kurisove, Odesa region, 100 kW). This means that RFE/RL's Krym.Realii programme is also back on MW (1138-1158 UTC on Saturdays). Earlier, this programme occasionally had some episodes in Russian, but now they use voice-over translation into Ukrainian when the interviewees speak in Russian. UR-1 still relays English news daily at 0000-0008 UT on 1278 kHz. (Alex Miatlikov)

On 30 July 2023, Radio Ukraine International cancelled broadcasts in Russian. There were no announcements made regarding the reason. This info initially appeared in Rus DX bulletin #1028. The Russian service existed for less than 9 years (10 December 2014 - 29 July 2023). (Alex Miatlikov)

RUI's current schedule is: 2100-2108 daily in Belarusian, 2200-2208 daily in Polish, 2300-2308 daily in German, 0000-0008 daily in English, 0008-0024 Wed/Thu/Sat/Sun in English, 0200-0208 daily in Slovak and 0300-0308 daily in Hungarian. (Alex Miatlikov)

UNITED KINGDOM  Ahead of its closure at the end of September 2023, Gold - London on 1548 kHz is making the following announcement "This is Gold and soon the way you listen to us might change. From the end of September we'll no longer be available on AM across London. So to continue listening to us you might need to retune your radio. You can continue listening to us on DAB digital radio, on Global Player or by asking your Smart Speaker to play Gold. You can find out more at" (Tony Rogers)

The remaining dates in 2023 for Radio Caroline North aired over Manx Radio on 1368 kHz are 14/15 October, 18/19 November and 09/10 December as per dates mentioned on the Radio Caroline website. (Tony Rogers)

X-BAND IN THE AMERICAS  The guide to AM stations in the Americas in the range 1610-1700 kHz has been updated and can be found here.

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