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This is an on-going compilation of news and reports for April 2024 to support the various DX Guides.

News and reports from the past (with some additional content) are archived in editions of the DX Guides Newsletter.

Updated: 11 April 2024

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HFCC  The A24 season began on Sunday 31 March 2024 and runs to Saturday 26 October 2024. HFCC Transmission and Programme schedules by Broadcasters and Frequency Management Organisations (FMOs) for A24 are available at:

EiBi  EiBi lists sorted in both time and frequency order for the Summer 2024 season (A24) can be viewed at These are compiled by Eike Bierwirth and are highly recommended.

AOKI  The A24 frequency list compiled by Shiganori Aoki is also available via the Nagoya DXers Circle website at


MUSIC PROGRAMMES ON SHORTWAVE  A new edition of Alan Roe's excellent guide to music on shortwave for the A24 season is now available (updated to 8 April 2024). A copy is always available via the DX Library page, but please click here for the direct link. Many thanks to Alan for his attention to detail in this highly recommended publication.


AUSTRALIA  Unique Radio Australia is currently off air till further notice. (Tim Gaynor, owner/manager of Unique Radio Australia, 10 April 2024 to TR); had been on 5035 kHz with 3210 kHz as alternative.

GUAM  KTWR DRM South India reception issue: From the KTWR DRM Blog: "Hi DXers. We hope that the A24 broadcast season has provided good listening conditions for you. However, we know this has not turned out to be the case in all KTWR coverage areas. We are currently investigating the poor performance in parts of southern India for our 15390 kHz broadcasts. We saw similar behavior with the 13690 kHz broadcasts last season. It seems as if there is a multipath issue. The areas where the problem is most apparent are in near Coimbatore, near Bangalore, and near Chennai. If we could data such as impulse response from listeners in those areas, it would help us see what is happening. Thanks for your help and 73". (, 9 April 2024)

NEW ZEALAND  RNZ Pacific rebroadcasts the "BBC Newsday" programme Monday-Friday at 0600-0630 and is currently heard on 13690 kHz. (Tony Rogers, 9 April 2024)

UNITED STATES OF AMERICA  Radio Sawa continues to be heard for the A24 season at 1600-1700 on 15445 kHz. Programming is in Arabic, although the HFCC regIstration once again indicates Chinese (Cmn). The shortwave programme matches the Radio Sawa Sudan stream at't hear any references to "Sawa" though but there are mentions of "Alhurra", their sister TV station. (Tony Rogers)

Texas Radio Shortwave test programmesChannel 292, Rohrbach, Germany, will air three Texas Radio Shortwave test programmes on 13 and 14 April 2024. These broadcasts are intended to help TRSW gauge propagation and listener numbers. Here’s the schedule: Saturday 13 April at 0900 UTC on 6070 kHz and 2100 UTC on 3955 kHz (tentative), and Sunday 14 April at 1000 UTC on 9670 kHz. The one-hour programmes will feature 23 versions of TRSW’s signature tune, The Yellow Rose of Texas. Detailed reception reports should be addressed to (Terry Colgan, N5RTC, Austin, Texas USA)


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