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This is an on-going compilation of news and reports for March 2024 to support the various DX Guides.

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Updated: 3 March 2024

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ALGERIA  It would appear that Ifrikya FM is now heard 24/7 with its own programming, subject to confirmation. The five hour period between 1800-2300 UTC that had previously been filled with a relay of Radio AlgĂ©rienne's "Radio Coran" service seems to have been replaced with Ifrikya FM produced content instead. (Tony Rogers, 1 March 2024)

CHINA  Zenon Teles has spotted some new HFCC registrations for China Radio International from 4 March 2024 at 2330-0300 UTC. The following frequencies have been registered for "Zho", the language abbreviation for Chinese: 12025-Kashi (500 kW at 269° to CIRAF zones 37,38,39,40,,46,47,48N); 13690-Urumqi (500 kW at 212° to 41,48,52,53,57); 13835-Urumqi (500 kW at 308° to 18,27,28,29,30,31); 15135-Beijing (150 kW at 095° to 44NE,45); 17510-Kunming (500 kW at 135° to 55,56,58,59,60); 17540-Xian (500 kW at 200° to 49,50,54); 17660-Shijiazhuang (500 kW at 292° to 29,30,31S,40). All are registered until the end of the B23 season on 31 March 2024. (Zenon Teles, Goa, India)

FINLAND  RealMix Radio, a new shortwave radio station starts test broadcasts: RealMix Radio, a shortwave radio station operating in Raasepori, has received a short-term radio license for the frequency 6185 kHz from the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency, Traficom. RealMix Radio plans to have test broadcasts over the weekend 2/3 March 2024 at 15 watts. The radio permit is valid on weekends for the next three months. Radio enthusiast Joakim Weckström is behind the new radio station. In Finland, only Scandinavian Weekend Radio has broadcast on shortwave frequencies in recent years, which has been operating in Virrat for over 20 years. Yleisradio stopped shortwave broadcasts aimed abroad in 2006. (Mediamonitori, 29 February 2024:

UNITED KINGDOM  BBC World Service in English to South Asia is scheduled at 0000-0100 on 5980-Oman & 6035-Uzbekistan, 0100-0200 on 6035-Uzbekistan & 7430-Oman, 0759-0900 in DRM on 15110-Uzbekistan, 1200-1300 on 12030-Oman & 15295-Oman and 1300-1400 on 9740-Uzbekistan & 12030-Oman (HFCC registrations since 2 February 2024 with thanks to Zenon Teles for the reminder of recent frequency changes)

The ITU schedules for A24 (see below) indicate that Encompass plans to continue its WRN relay via the UAE, which really makes a difference among Russian-language stations currently present on SW. The new frequency will be 13650 kHz (instead of the current 12095 kHz). (Alex Miatlikov, Dnipro, Ukraine); same time as B23: 1500-1700 UTC.

HFCC A24 DATA  Transmission and Programme schedules by Broadcasters and Frequency Management Organisations (FMOs) for A24 are expected to be available from around 17 March 2024. The A24 season covers the period from 31 March to 26 October 2024. The HFCC page to check is:

ITU HFBC SCHEDULE PUBLICATIONS  Thanks to Alex Miatlikov for the reminder of the ITU 'early access' schedules for A24 that are available at Alex refers to comments made by Glenn Hauser in October 2023 as to the pros and cons of the list: "Advantage: includes some boycotters of HFCC such as RHC - but everything is HABana without showing which of 3 sites. Disadvantage: by-the-rules, does not list "out of band" info, with following gaps: -5905 nothing lower; 7445-9405; 9845-11605; 12095-13580; 13865-15105; 15785-17490. Frequencies above are the last ones on the edges which have any entries". Alex adds that the current versions (Feb 24) don't feature some broadcasters yet (for example, Radio Romania International).


ALGERIA  The schedule for Radio Algeria International as observed by Rihards Millers and Tony Rogers during January and February 2024 appears in both Africa on Mediumwave and External Services on Mediumwave. Monitoring will continue throughout March and beyond to try and establish a definitive pattern for when each language (Arabic, French, English and Spanish) is aired. 

Rihards adds: "I listened to Radio Algeria International broadcasts at 1830 UTC on Thursday 29 February and Friday 1 March 2024, and Thursday's half hour was in Arabic, Friday's in French. I now believe that French language broadcasts at 1830 are heard only on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday". (Rihards Millers, Riga, Latvia)

INDIA  All India Radio Tuticorin, Tamil Nadu, on 1053 kHz noted back on air from 1 March 2024 with Tuticorin FM 100.1 Tamil programmes. (Info via Mohan Natarajan, Chennai). It was used to broadcast External Services some years back with 200 kW. Note: Stations in Tamilnadu state still announce as "All India Radio" only! (Jose Jacob, VU2JOS, Hyderabad, India, 2 March 2024)


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